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The Val de Loire Cooperage is situated in the very heart of France at Mont-Pres-Chambord in the Loire Valley.

Founded in 1927 the cooperage has established its reputation for producing quality oak barrels as a result of the meticulous attention given by their Master Cooper to every aspect of their barrel production.

They buy only oak selected exclusively from the forests in the center of France. The oak selected must be dark rose in color and equally must possess a clearly defined aromatic intensity.

It is this darkness of color and the presence of this aromatic intensity that has helped them establish a synergy which, when incorporated into the toasting program, infuses the barrels with the qualities that directly influence the resulting character and structure of the wines produced by their customers.

The cooperage boasts a customer base that includes many of the well-known wine producers in France, each producer appreciating both the quality of the barrels and also the attention they are able to give when addressing each of their specific individual barrel requirements.

Toasting Program

The Val de Loire Barrels are recognized as very elegant barrels with long, multilayered flavors and fruit-defining aromatics.

Master Cooper Blanchard has many years of experience and so he has created a lot of little tricks and techniques on how to toast the barrels. The Blanchard toasting is his version of the classic Burgundy toasting of the barrels. TVL is well known for this toasting.

They are using both techniques of toasting: Burgundy and Bordeaux. They are both available in Light, Medium, Medium Plus, and Heavy toasting.  They can also offer toasted heads and XL (extra long) toasting as an option.

They do recommend Blanchard or Burgundy toasting on all the wines where you need to work on the structure while keeping the fruit character:

On Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Viognier and most white varietals and also on Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc, Grenache, Mourvèdre and Carignan.

It gives a very good complexity and aromatic intensity, lots of fruit character, very supple, more volume in the mouth and a good structure, with a long length.

Bordeaux toasting will be more suitable on high alcohol wines that need energy or mineral side like Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Zinfandel.

It gives a mineral and empyreumatic nose with more aromatic complexity, the fruit is dominated by toasted notes, adds freshness with a mineral finish, a nice linearity and good balance with more nerves or energy (acidity).

The Wood

Tonnellerie du Val de Loire is able to give the assurance to the quality and authenticity for one simple reason: they directly control each individual stage of the production of their staves, from the buying of the parcels to the storing of the finished staves in their saw mills.

 From their mills they are able to supply green wood as well as naturally aged oak staves up to 36 months. TVL also produces a selection of very tight grained staves, each typifying the very best characteristic of the individual forest in France from where they purchase oak: Bercé, Bellême, Loches, Senonches, Allogny,  Blois, Boulogne and Russy.



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